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What we do?

Leopoly provides innovative software solutions for businesses to utilize XR and 3D technologies with two main focuses:

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XR training

XR training solutions taliored to your needs

We create easy-to-use and engaging XR training experiences for your audience. Our in-house framework enables us to quickly create quality training applications for multiplatform usage. Our solution used by milions of students and employees, let’s create axtraordinary learing experiences!

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3D product customization

Easy to use product customization software solution

A comprehensive 3D design software solution, supported by CAD, that simplifies the production process through the utilization of 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies. This innovative solution enables seamless customization of products without any limitations.

What we do?

Leopoly provides innovative software solutions for businesses to utilize XR and 3D technologies with three main focuses:

Custom made as well ready-to-use XR training applications that can run on any device or platform.

Easy to use 3D product customization software solution for the healthcare industry.

Best rated polygon-based VR sculpting app for 3D designers and art schools.


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Custom O&P device editor

XR training for medical staff

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3D product customizer

XR safety training for staff

XR assembly and onboarding education

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XR training for security awareness

VR scenarios for field practise

Simulations of hazardous materials or environments

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XR training for specific tasks

XR safety training

3D editor for custom component modelling and prototyping

About us


We believe that 3D and XR are the keys to the future, and our passion is combining intuitive use with advanced technology.

We love building partnerships, customizing services, and creating new solutions that will improve our user’s everyday lives. Our inspiration is you: satisfied users mean satisfied creators. We are excited to continue building our repertoire, and look forward to making your projects easier and more exciting along the way!

Our unique and enthusiastic team of 30 people boasts a collective of over 200 years of experience in the 3D and AR/VR engineering industries in design, UI/UX, and product planning.

Our solutions are used by millions of people globally

10+ years of

Award-winning software solutions

Fortune 100


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