Pilot project by Leopoly: Teaching weapon disassembly and assembly in an innovative way, using the latest 3D/VR/AR technologies.

We have created this project to present our capability to create assembly and disassembly projects even with finely detailed objects such as weapons.

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The project is implemented in two phases. In the first stage, an MVP/pilot project is carried out to demonstrate the fitting of a CZ BREN 2-machine rifle. After the pilot project, the application is planned to be extended with additional weapons and training elements.

Modules and features

The app implements the CZ BREN 2 machine rifle assembly demonstration in XR app. The assembled weapon is represented in 3D space and is displayed to the user:

What makes it special?

" Its greatest advantage is in classroom learning, because it does not feel disconnected from the classroom environment, but can coordinate with the people around it while providing a 3D effect"

Stereo 3D visualization – cross-platform development in a unique way, so the applications we develop can run on multiple platforms (AR/VR/3D) and devices:

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